Myraco Herbal Capsules, 60 Organic capsules

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A proprietary healing blend of African medicinal plant extracts, designed to empower and boost the body’s immune systems exponentially against viral diseases and symptoms. Effective for COVID-19, HIV, STD, and more.

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  • 100% natural and organic ingredients ethically sourced
  • Strong action against major viral diseases and symptoms
  • Boosts immune systems to rapid restorative health
  • Formulated and produced at an FDA registered facility
  • Tested and approved by NAFDAC for your use

If you have encountered any viral infection that is devastating your health or threatening to destroy your complete well-being, then this product is for you.

Be it covid-19, HIV, or any other very virulent viral disease, you have found the right product to set you on the road to rapid recovery. This product is formulated to harness the in-built immune defenses of the body by restoring vigor to an otherwise broken or compromised immune system which now begins to function again optimally to beat viral infections quite rapidly.

Depending on the presentation of disease, the body begins to show clear noticeable improvement within a matter of hours to a few days.

The supplement is gentle on the body and no adverse side effects have been reported by users. We recommend this supplement to you if you are currently suffering from any viral disease or at risk of catching one including Covid-19, HIV, Lassa Fever and a host of other viral infectious diseases.

1 review for Myraco Herbal Capsules, 60 Organic capsules

  1. Andrzej

    I had covid-19 this year in a very heavy way with fevers up to 39.7 Degree Celsius. After I took this products, the covid-19 was gone. I am happy and healthy now.

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