Antioviro Herbal Capsules, 60 Organic capsules

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A proprietary homeopathic blend of African medicinal plants extracts, designed to activate and boost the body’s immune systems might against viral diseases symptoms such as COVID, HIV, STD, and more.

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  • 100% natural and organic ingredients ethically sourced
  • Strong action against viral diseases symptoms
  • Boosts immune systems to restorative health
  • Formulated and produced at an FDA registered facility
  • Tested and approved by NAFDAC for your use

Antioviro has same active ingredients as Myraco and is traded in the US and European Union as a natural immune-restorative supplement; very fast acting immune boosting and potent viral infectious symptoms buster supplement that was carefully formulated with ingredients sourced from the rich jungles of Africa and produced under the most controlled conditions to retain the efficacy to power and restore the body’s defenses against viral diseases and symptoms to promote wellness.

Premium quality ingredients; includes herbs taken by African tribal warriors to counter and overcome viral infectious diseases while on expedition for several centuries. These highly efficacious herbs have now been clinically studied for antiviral and antibacterial properties and validated to possess extremely potent phytochemicals justifying their ethno-botanical use in the treatment, management and cure of certain diseases.

Using organic ingredients, free of pesticides and pollutants, this product is one of the gift of mother nature to humanity without the dangerous side effects of pharmaceutical chemical drugs, packed with natural immunity boosters to support health and longevity.

Effectively boosts the human immune system to overcome symptoms of viral symptoms and manifestations like COVID-19, HIV, and a host of other viral symptoms presentation.

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1 review for Antioviro Herbal Capsules, 60 Organic capsules

  1. Buena

    I had a COVID 19 in Oct 2020 and I immediately took medications prescribed by my physician. With the medications, I got well on the 3rd day however symptoms had started to surface again on the 7th and 8th day. I was so much alarmed that tried antioviro herbal supplement on the 9th day. On the 10th it showed positive sign and on the 11th day all of my symptoms were gone. This is a very effective supplement against COVID 19 and I highly recommend this to anyone who got infected. It is safe. I do not see any bad effect on my body and well being until this day.

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