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Redsav Limited was established in 2017 with the primary objective of conducting research and developing health promoting solutions for the continent of Africa using indigenous technology and Afrocentric natural principles and practice.

Our commitment and driving passion is clearly to provide an alternative medium of healthcare for wellness using natural substances in the safest ways possible.

We resonate with the demands of the society and our clients by focusing on products targeting chronic and the most challenging diseases ravaging the African continent with a clear mind to save as much lives as possible.

We are currently involved in extensive research and development works in many communicable and non-communicable diseases prevalent in Africa including but not limited to HIV, Lassa Fever, Diabetes, Asthma, Cancers & Tumors, High blood pressure, Hepatitis B, Kidney Disease, Sickle Cell anemia,  and Covid-19 to mention a few.


With the levels of exposures to pollution and contaminants everywhere, lack of nutritionally balanced diets, coupled with the demanding work and lifestyle patterns today all over Africa, it is our well-considered opinion that it is crucial for local alternative and supplemental drugs to deliver effective and highly differentiating benefits to our general health, and quality of life. It is in line with the foregoing, Redsav came in to existence with a view to delivering a difference, filling the gap and saving the continent of Africa using indigenous homebred solutions.

Our products are developed and produced through extensive and careful research on the physiological needs of our target customers’ base, using dedicated manufacturing and logistical facilities.

Redsav’s vision for the foreseeable future will revolve around expanding our product base, by continuing research into ongoing health issues, which affect a wide range of people in the continent of Africa and the rest of the world. Our success stems mostly from digging extensively about a selected specific condition, engaging our originality of ideas and God given creativity before proceeding to develop formulations that make undeniable measurable impact quickly and effectively.

Redsav trades with its trademark name Redsav® and under the trademark Herbs of Africa®.

To find out more about us or for any other queries, please feel free to contact us.

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